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Tips: Free SkypeOut Day Today

Today Skype, an internet telephony software has a marketing campaign called Free SkypeOut Day – You can redeem 10 minutes worth of credits for free. This campaign will happen four times this month so stay tuned! To claim your SkypeOut credit:

On Free SkypeOut Days you will find a “get a free Skype gift” button on your account page. Click on it before it disappears at the end of the day. Then, ‘hey presto’, you’ll be able to claim your SkypeOut credit. It’s our little gift to you. We hope you like it.

Have fun saving money to call your friends and relatives. If you have made your own Chat-Cord it will have similar experiences with your land line and normal phone and probably will save you time on dialing out from dialpad too.

Free SkypeOut Days – [Skype] (Thanks Mark!)

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