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Time management with PDAs

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Time management with PDAs

Bruce Keener has written an article on how to use PDA for effective time management. The good part of the article is his recommendation on software that is worth to own for both Pocket PC and Palm. Here are a couple of software he suggested for Palm:

  • Even though the Calendar, Task, Contacts, and Memo software that is built into the T3 and T5 work great without add-on software, I highly recommend the addition of DateBk5 or Agendus Pro – they add a lot of great functionality.
  • Fitaly, Repli Go, PalmReader Pro, MobiReader Pro, ListPro, and iSilo (all listed above for Pocket PCs) are also available for Palms.
  • NoteStudio (added to this list on 4/24/05) – a fantastic application for managing notes in a wiki-style environment. This is one of the most useful products I’ve come across in a long time (for a PDA and for a PC). If you decide to get it, you won’t need DayNotez or Bonsai (described below).
  • DayNotez (excellent journaling application)
  • HandyShopper (originally designed as a shopping aid, it has become one of the most used a popular checklist managers for the Palm platform, and is excellent for task and project management, AND, it’s Free!)
  • Bonsai (excellent for project management – it’s not designed for huge projects, but great for what most of us deal with)
  • TextPlus is an excellent tool for speeding text entry

Time management with PDAs – [dkeener.com]

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