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Time Boxing - An Effective Getting Things Done Strategy

Sometimes you may throw off by the scope of a project and procrastinate. Other things you may only focus into a big task and forgot other commitments and appointment. There is a easy technique that can help you. Dave Cheong introduces a technique called Time Boxing. What is it?

Time boxing

Time boxing is about fixing the time we have available to work on a given task and then doing the best we can within that time frame. So instead working on something until it is “done” in one sitting, we only work on it for say 30 mins. It is either marked as done at the end of this period or we commit to another 30 mins at a later time or another day.

It allows you to aware of the available time you have on the project and prioritize what matter most. You can also get started on the project, one piece at a time, which can overcome procrastination.

Pretty useful. Thanks Dave for sending us the tips!

Time Boxing is an Effective Getting Things Done Strategy – [Dave Cheong]

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