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Three quick productivity tips

Claire Tompkins interviewed Michelle Dunn, who is an entrepreneur, writer and expert on debt collection. In an one question interview, Michelle has shared her top three productivity tips and tricks. In my opinion, her first tip on schedule around times when you feel tired and unmotivated is pretty good:

I am very organized but that doesn’t always translate into productivity. I have realized what my “inner-schedule” is like, for example I am the most motivated and creative in the morning. So I schedule my most challenging or creative work for the mornings. Once I have lunch, I feel tired and unmotivated, so I run errands then come back and read for an hour. I end up looking forward to that hour of reading because I have to schedule reading time for myself or I would never get to read. In the early afternoons I am usually perking up, so I respond to emails, write articles, do some marketing work on my speeches or books. If you can use how you feel at certain times of the day to your advantage, you can be more productive.

Read the rest of the tips in the article!

One Question Interview: Michelle Dunn – [ProductivityGoal]

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