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Things to Do on the Plane After a Business Trip

I’ve been traveling a bunch more with the new job, and I’ve realized that a plane ride is quite a chunk of time where you can’t conduct NEW business. Instead, you get an opportunity to catch up on things that need doing. Here are a few things I did and felt could get done on a plane:

  • Enter in business cards to my contact manager- I like doing it by hand for tactile memory, and so I can enter notes. (Besides, podcasters use really colorful cards).
  • Fill out expense reports- You’ve got all the receipts (by the way, I throw them in a one-quart zip bag). Why not throw them into a spreadsheet and get the expense report information ready ahead of time?
  • Compose some emails- Depending on your client (remember, I use Gmail), it’s a great time to write out some check-in emails, and get back to people with thoughtful stuff you’ve been meaning to send, but haven’t had the chance.
  • Write some blog posts- You’ve got stuff on your mind. Write some of it down now that you’ve a chance to think it through.
  • Watch some stored video- Hey, we can relax a little, right? Check out Network2 and find some video shows to download to your laptop while at the airport wifi or your hotel room. That way, you’re not relegated to what’s on the plane.
  • Read Books- You don’t get time to read, right? Here’s your time.

What else? What do you get done on planes? I could use your tips, too.

–Chris Brogan is a community developer for new media for Video On the Net. He still hacks life, even when he can’t write about it as often.

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