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The Power of 48 Minutes

John Richardson at the blog Sucess Begins Today has posted a productivity tip that he learned from Donb Crowther, an internet marketing expert. The technique is to set aside 48 minutes for work, without any interruption and avoid distractions, then use 12 minutes to rest. The result from Don is pretty promising. He is able to complete 200 page book in just two weeks:

Don reports that this technique repeated four times a day allowed him to write a 200 page book in just two weeks. The ability to focus on one task for 48 minutes straight was the key. I have been testing Don’s idea and I have to say it works well for me. This eliminates the distractions that have a way of derailing even the best laid plans. Taking a short 12 minute break once an hour is refreshing but not enough to get you off track.

So the question comes up, If this solution works well how can I use it in planning out my daily schedule and applying it to future goals. Can I successfully write a blog post in 48 minutes? Can I write a book chapter in that time? As I’ve tried the process, it has been a challenge to sit in one place that long. But when I do my productivity soars. I find it best to just keep writing, not worry about mistakes, and get everything on paper. Once I have the points on paper I can go back and make my edits and corrections.

The Power of 48 Minutes – [Success Begins Today]

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