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The Meaning of Life

Steve Pavlina has done a great job again. Last week, he wrote a series of six articles on the meaning of life. What is your purpose of life? How should you act on your life? It is very important to find those answers for yourself – to find your purpose so that you can identify some goals and directions for your life.

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Is there a God or isn’t there, and if there is a God, what is its nature? Of all the world’s religions, which one is the most correct? Is there an afterlife? Are we primarily physical beings or spiritual beings?

People have struggled for millennia to tackle these questions. Wars have been fought over them. But as much as these questions cause people to lose their heads (sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally), the bottom line is that these are very practical questions.

I hope you can find the answers from reading Steve’s journey and insights from his experiences.

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