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The Lifehack Letter: A New Addition to the Stepcase Lifehack Family

We here at Lifehack love to bring you fresh and helpful content on productivity, lifestyle, and technology everyday of the week. But there are sometimes that we want to bring our diehard readers content, ebooks, and offers that they can’t find anywhere else. This is where The Lifehack Letter comes in; Stepcase Lifehack’s new reader newsletter.

We don’t know if you missed it on Monday morning, but we are partnering up with, an awesome site that encourages you to save and pay down debt by hooking you up with prizes, to give any new Lifehack Letter subscriber a special chance to win $500! That means only readers that sign up for our reader newsletter will have access to a special signup link for SaveUp that gives them access to the $500 giveaway.

And we are just getting started.

After becoming a subscriber to The Lifehack Letter we will inform you of special offers on productivity software and tools, give you access to special giveaways, bring you exclusive content from hand-picked contributors, and more. You will receive emails from us no more than twice monthly. By the way, we will never sell or spam your email address. We like you too much for that.

If this sounds like something you want to be apart of, head on over to the signup form where, after verifying your email, you will gain access to our first giveaway with SaveUp!

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