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The Best Time to Buy Everything

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The Best Time to Buy Everything
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    You may want to find out when is the best time to buy a airplane ticket. Other times you may worry about you didn’t get the best deal on car purchase because you are in the wrong season. No more worries, Kelli Grant has collected some good suggestions from experts on when are the best time to buy things, ranges from appliances, airplane tickets – to cars, and wine. She has a good tip on wedding dresses:

    Wedding Dresses
    When to buy: Between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Why: Boutiques are stocked up on dresses for the post-Christmas rush (many people get engaged over the holidays), yet traffic is low, says Fields, who also co-authored “Bridal Bargains.” “It’s not a busy time to buy a wedding dress because people are thinking about the holidays,” he says. You’ll also have room to bargain.

    From my analysis, The patterns that I see from the tip are:

    • Supply and Demand: Find a time when the demand is low, and the supply is high.
    • Product Update: Find a time when a latest product is released. Get the previous version
    • Obsolete/Expire: When a product has to be thrown away or became useless unless they can find a buyer in time.

    Follow these patterns and you can get the best time to buy everything. What other patterns have you identified?

    The Best Time to Buy Everything – [SmartMoney.com]

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