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The Art of Travelling light: Packing Only One Bag

Do you know it is an art to travel light? My organization requires me to do some business trips once in a while and it is very hard to pack all my stuff into one bag. Check-in and waiting for luggage after arrival is troublesome. My boss on the other hand can able to do that pretty much everytime he travels.

Now I able to do the similar travelling kung fu. teaches you the art of travelling light, living for an indefinite period of time out of a single (carryon-sized) bag. It teaches you what to take, recommendations on bags and how to pack all those stuff into the bag. There are some other advantages of travelling light of course:

Security: By not having to check baggage (or otherwise entrust it to the care of others), you are much less likely to lose same (or its contents) to theft, damage, or misrouting. Would that peace of mind were always so easily acquired!

Economy: You don’t have to pay porters and the like to carry stuff around for you. You will be more able to take public transportation, rather than taxis and limos (where you often pay extra for luggage). You can even walk. All of which will also bring you into more intimate (and thus rewarding) contact with the people and places you have come to visit.

Mobility: You needn’t arrive at airports as early. You can board trains, trams, and coaches with alacrity. You can more easily deal with delayed transportation and missed connections (because you can choose alternatives without worrying about what will happen to your belongings). You can travel as an air courier. You can sell your seat (by volunteering to be “bumped”) on full flights. You will be among the first to leave the airport for your destination, while others wait for baggage delivery and long customs inspection queues. And you won’t feel compelled to take the first hotel room offered; you can easily walk out when the reception counter person quotes an unreasonably high price.

What are your experiences on packing your bag and travelling? Any good/bad experiences with your bags and luggages?

One Bag (all about packing, luggage, and travellinglight)

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