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Ten Stupid Hiring Mistakes

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Ten Stupid Hiring Mistakes

When I was searching for articles on hiring today, I came across to this great article by Nick Corcodilos, who has been preaching what’s wrong with the traditional interview practice.

In this article, he identified 10 hiring mistakes, and unfortunately, they are quite common to many companies today.

  • Overly-narrow job specifications
  • Human Resources does the recruiting
  • Hiring “what comes along”
  • Failure to prep the candidate
  • Failure to leverage the interview into other useful contacts
  • Talk, talk, talk
  • Inadequate reference checks
  • Unreasonably long decision process
  • Unreasonably long job offer process
  • Leaving your team out of the loop

The most common mistake that Nick mentioned is that companies are using talking and Q&A as the main interview component. Nick argued job is all about doing but not talking, therefore the interview should focus into demonstrating and solving some hands-on tasks.

Ten Stupid Hiring Mistakes – [Ask The Headhunter]

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