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Techniques To Manage Procrastination

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Techniques To Manage Procrastination

Student Learning Center in University of California, Berkeley has got a very useful page on how to manage procrastination. It gives examples on what you should not do, and what you should be doing instead. Techniques include:

  • Set Priorities.
  • Break the Task Down into Little Pieces
  • Set Up Small, Specific Goals.
  • Take One Small Step at a Time.
  • Reward Yourself Right Away When You Accomplish a Small Goal.
  • Use a Time Schedule.
  • Learn How to Tell Time.
  • Optimize Your Chances for Success.
  • Delegate, if Possible.
  • Just Get Started.
  • Look at What You Have Accomplished.
  • Be Realistic!

Techniques To Manage Procrastination – [Student Learning Center]
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Techniques To Manage Procrastination

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