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Study Successfully

Brad (who I’ll eventually podcast with) has a great post on his site about studying. He’s going for his tech re-certifications and his wife is back in school, so studying’s on the brain. He cooks up a recipe for no-fail cards:

  • Each card should have 1 question and 1 answer.
  • When stuck on a tricky topic, make a flash card.
  • Keep your flashcards in your pocket or purse all the time.
  • Review each flashcard in your pack 3 times a day.
  • Consider the information learned only after you can answer the question on a good night’s sleep.

Sometimes, it’s the old school tricks with a new face that get you home. Check this out for yourself, because you’re no doubt a lifelong learner, right? After all, you’re hacking life.

The No-fail Flashcard Study Technique – [Achieve-IT]

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