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Steps When You Can’t Get Started Writing

Written by Stanley H
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Starting to write is difficult, when you have no flow of ideas. I think many of you encountered this issue, and Judy Rose has no exception. She got together a set of steps to help herself on walking the first step. Once you have the first step, the flow will come:

  • Identify the purpose in your own mind
  • Let the reader know the purpose
  • Set the context
  • Know what you want to tell the reader
  • Organize your points in logical order
  • Before you close, repeat the purpose of the letter
  • Get rid of the mistakes
  • Think about whether the letter is too long
  • Watch out for that nasty computer!
  • Put it down. Have a drink of water. Come back and read it again
  • Reconfirm that you’ve done the job

Does it make sense? What are your ways to help yourself started on writing?

When You Can’t Get Started Writing – [Writing English]

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