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Steps by Steps: How to bind a book yourself?

Book Binding Yourself

Toby on his blog has posted a very long log on how to assemble a book by yourself. The end result is amazing and profressional. It is just like a book that made by a publisher. It is a pretty long post with whole stack of photos but it is worth to read along.

… Now I need to get some thread ready. I’ve got a five foot work bench that I work on. For every two signatures I usually stretch out my thread from one end to the other and cut that. This will give me just enough thread to get it done and some extra to play with. I take the thread and put it through my needle. You want a needle that is big enough to maneuver in your hands, but not bigger than the holes you made, or so big as to be unwieldy…

Book Assembly Photo-Journal – [LiveJournal – tobycraig]

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