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Start Your Own Business Guide

Chris Campbell from Praticletree has given a very practical piece on starting your own business in US. Bottomline is that you have to deal with paperwork, legal and accounting which is pretty troublesome if you haven’t encounter this before. This article gives an overview from business genesis, accounting, to legal – linking to some good documents and info for you:

Making your own decsions. Doing something you love. Spending more time with the family. Participating in the American Dream. Starting a business is awesome. Paperwork. Legal fees. Invoices. More paperwork. Taxes. Starting a business sucks. The Particletree Team is about to incorporate its second business and have come to the conclusion that while everyone seems to be pretty good at giving sage advice about running a business, most fail to get to the specifics on starting one.

In an attempt to reduce the number of frustrating hours searching the web for what you need, we’ve written this article to help you with the small business paperwork, the basics of accounting, and an overview of some legal considerations. The topics aren’t sexy, but they’ll get you started in the right direction if you’re tired of working for the man and want to get out on your own. Before going further, we want to apologize to our foreign readers. Most of the resources noted here are relevant to United States businesses only…

A Guide to Starting Your Business – [Particletree]

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