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Software Startup Myths Debunked

Startup founders believe number of common concepts that float around on the Net. Are they true? Mike Taber looks at top five myths of software startups, especially the ones that discussed and endorsed by different people frequently. For instance, he firmly disagrees one need VC funding to be successful, and the interesting one to look at like after Google bought YouTube: selling the company is the: quickest/best/easiest path to success/freedom/fame/fortune

… Most people think that VC’s won’t throw money away on companies they don’t think will succeed. This is true, but it’s also true that VC’s can’t see the future, which is part of the reason they invest in multiple companies; to hedge their bets. Company founders don’t have the luxury of ‘diversifying their portfolio,’ so to speak. They work at their company until funding is pulled, it goes bust, it’s sold, etc… It’s hard to be the founder at multiple companies at the same time. But VC’s depend on the founders thinking that a VC wouldn’t let them go down in flames. Plenty of VC’s watch the companies they helped fund go down all the time…

Software Startup Myths Debunked – [Mike Taber’s Blog]

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