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Software: Jello - A GTD implmentation for Outlook

jello dashboard

Our regular reader Blaine has sent us this great introduction on the software called jello Dashboard, which is a great GTD implementation for Outlook. You could use it to manage any contexts or projects you have, and there are couple of useful feature like searching and flagging on the action items:

I thought you might also be interested a new free tool that I discovered a while ago. I’ve been using jello Dashboard as my customized GTD interface with Outlook for a couple months now, and it has really developed into an amazing tool. Version 2 is out of beta, and is available now for free.

jello is a customized web page (an html page with javascript backend) which you point to with any Outlook folder (i.e. download the installer and install the files, right click any Outlook folder, select “Properties”, then select the “Home Page” tab and assign the jello file as the default home page for the folder). jello then produces another interface for Outlook which gives you great GTD tools.

The trick is in the way that jello allows you to create contexts and projects that follow the essential principles of Getting Things Done — it turns Outlook into a real GTD engine, and integrates everything using Outlook.

Anyway — look at it if you are interested. In case you may have seen jello some while ago, it has evolved considerably in the last months. Dr Uqbar has taken the comments of many people who have been using jello and refined the tool into something really wonderful. I’m not associated with him, but am just a dedicated fan of the product who thinks that many others will find it useful.

Download Jello.Dashboard 2.0 for Outlook (Windows)

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