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Secure your iPod files using disk image in Mac OS X

This is a pretty handy tips – Mirko over NonStopMac talks about using Disk Utility available in Mac OS X to create an image and put this into your ipod. This is a good suggestions because the image option already supports encryption to secure your files. Also this is quite portable, but limited to be accessible by Mac:

In case you lose your iPod (or any other external drive for that matter) or it gets stolen your data is in danger. I’m one of those people that constantly carries data on their iPod between two locations and I want to keep it safe. What follows is a brief tutorial aimed at those that want their data protected without investing in commercial software. In case you didn’t know, you can increase your privacy pretty easily with features embedded directly into Mac OS X…

Secure backup and storage using a disk image and an iPod – []

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