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Screen Sieve: Text Find and Highlight tool

A Mac Software.

Screen Sieve

This is a great utility to search your contents of current active window. When the text matches, it will highlight the texts on the screen. The difference between normal Find command is that this software enable you to search entire window, including buttons and files, not just area contains text. There are couple other differences:

  • Screen Sieve highlights all the matches that are visible in a window, while Find usually just highlights a single match.
  • Screen Sieve searches in the entire window, rather than only the areas containing text. That means that in addition to highlighting text, Screen Sieve may highlight objects like images, files, icons, buttons, and so on, as well.
  • Screen Sieve doesn’t force you to change context. When you invoke the Find command, your window frequently ends up scrolling up or down. This makes you lose track of where you are. Screen Sieve simply highlights the visible matches, and ignores the rest until you decide to scroll further up or down.

Darn useful and stylish.

Screen Sieve

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