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Schedule Play Before Work

Written by Craig Childs
Craig is an editor and web developer who writes about happiness and motivation at Lifehack
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schedule play before work

    The boys at Trizle make an excellent point that would definitely ring true amongst the 30 years and under crowd.

    They put together two examples for completing a project. One puts work first over a seven day period, the other makes schedules of ‘play’, concerts and the like, while working in between.

    Instead of driving your entire heart, body, and soul into every minute of your working hours, you instead went through a similar route:

    • 1st day: Go over notes.
    • 2nd day: Go over notes.
    • 3rd day: Go over notes.
    • 4th day: Write 1st page.
    • 5th day: Edit 1st page.
    • 6th day: Write 2nd page.
    • 7th day: Write 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th pages. Proofread, cite, review, design cover letter, print, yadda.

    “Since I have limited time to work on my paper, I will have to work more efficiently. Therefore, I will have to smartly plan my working schedule.”

    • 1st day: “Crap! I only have four days to write ten pages. I’ll go over notes and write the first 3 pages today, so I don’t feel guilty about going to the concert tomorrow.”
    • 2nd day: Fun-sexy-time! Attend concert.
    • 3rd day: “The concert energized me. Let’s write the next 3 pages.”
    • 4th day: Fun-sexy-time! Attend ballgame.
    • 5th day: “My morale’s rockin’. Again, let’s write the next 3 pages.”
    • 6th day: Fun-sexy-time! Run the College Invitational.
    • 7th day: Write final page. Deal with logistics. Finish!

    This is how those guys who rocked final exams in high school also managed to make it to all the parties.

    Should You Really Be Playing? – [Trizle]

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