Say No to Clutter! 20 Easy and Useful DIY Home Organizing Tips

Say No to Clutter! 20 Easy and Useful DIY Home Organizing Tips

These DIY organizing ideas are great ways to find a specific home for everything you own. In other words, everything from kids’ toys to kitchen utensils has a place to go.

The solutions need not be complicated, as you will find. Most of the ideas here take less than an hour to complete. These DIY home organizing ideas are also very inexpensive. Simplicity is at its best as you find useful storage ideas below.

20. Easy Storage

The organization tips in this video are easy to follow and make all the difference when it comes to de-cluttering your home.

19. Wrapping Paper Storage


    Hang a shelf or dowel vertically to quickly and awesomely store rolls of wrapping paper for birthdays, Christmas, or any other occasion. You can even simply stretch a bungee cord from wall-to-wall to create storage space.

    18. Re-Use Baby Food Jars


      Nail baby food lids underneath the bottoms of cabinets. Use the empty jars to store tiny items, rather than tossing them into some drawer.

      17. Stow Away Those Ugly Cords



        Keep computer cords off the floor with a simple binder clip screwed to the desk. This tip is especially helpful for those with little ones or curious pets.

        16. Rolling Basket


          This neat, little project can be used for far more than books. Those who love to knit or sew or craft of any kind will fall in love with this basket’s ease of use from room to room.

          15. Pin Up Freezer Bag Boxes

          freezer bags

            Free up a bit of space in the pantry by pinning up storage bag boxes. Amazing what a couple of push pins can do, to keep the kitchen neat and orderly.

            14. Dish Rack Art Center


              Kids will love the idea of their own Art Center. A new or used dish rack can carry all their masterpieces and the cup holder is transformed into a spot to hold markers, colored pencils, or crayons.

              13. Organize Cords


              organize your cords_thumb[5]

                Make use of old toilet paper rolls to store cords neatly. That way the cords can be easily found when needed. Use colored tape to decorate the cords.

                12. Re-Purpose A Shoe Hangar


                  A simple over-the-door shoe rack can store a great deal of odds and ends. Make use of one in the nursery, laundry room, or just about anywhere some storage space is needed.

                  11. Cell Phone Holder


                    A simple lotion bottle can be transformed into a nifty cell phone holder. Be sure that the hangar rests on the plug itself, rather than the prongs.

                    10. Necklace/Belt Holder


                      Transform a simple piece of wood and clothespins into a handy hangar for necklaces or belts. Keep necklaces tangle-free and always on hand.

                      9. Wine Crate Coffee Table


                      DVC Coffee Table 10

                        Vintage wine crates transformed into a chic coffee table is sure to please. Add wheels for ease of movement from place-to-place.

                        8. Hidden Storage


                          Use old book spines glued around a box to create a hidden storage space. It’s a simple project for anyone and one that bibliophiles are sure to love.

                          7. Bungee Cord Storage


                            Bungee cords make great tools for storing many things. As depicted bungee cords store balls of all types easily.

                            6. Magnetic Strip For Bobby Pins


                              Magnetic strips can be cut to size and applied to the back of the medicine cabinet to store bobby pins and more.

                              5. Kid Cup Storage



                                Glue magnets to the backs of a favorite or the kids cups for easy and accessible storage.

                                4. Hair Tie Holder

                                hair tie cliip

                                  Stop scattering hair ties all over the house. Gather them up and place on a carbiner that cost about a buck.

                                  3. Simple Storage DIY

                                  Most of these great ideas revolve around using trays for storage.

                                  2. Back-To-Back Desks


                                    Transform a bookcase into a double-desk. A smart idea for parents or for kids.

                                    1. Back Of Door Shelves


                                      Add shelves to the back of a door to store books, toys, and more. This idea is a great addition to a child’s bedroom or the master suite


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