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Repair a Scratched CD with Hair Gel

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Repair a Scratched CD with Hair Gel

Interesting. Ben Hayes at om3ga has discovered a way to save your scratched CD – guess what? At first, he experimented different things – such as using water, deodorant, lem oil, and toothpaste. They have not done any magic fix on the CD. But when he tried the hair gel:

Repair Scratched CD

    Yes, hair gel, and guess what… It worked!

    I applied it in much the same way as the toothpaste, except I didn’t dribble water on it. I rubbed it first. Even though I applied it to one area, it ended up evenly spread around the whole disc. I then dribbled water on to loosen it up so I could rub the excess off.

    So, the secret to scratch free CDs is……

    Hair Gel!

    Scratched CDs? No Problem! – [om3ga]

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