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Really Little Things

Longtime reader Jon Swanson has practically given away the template on how to write good life hacks. Over at the Levite Chronicles, he has a post about the little things.

The piece starts with a slice of life, and before you rule this irrelevant to your own need for productivity and organization, think about it: how better to know what we need than to examine our lives at a step removed? At the end, Jon sums it up:

So what are the little things that I can do that will make other people’s lives simpler? How can I add in the one email of instructions that helps everyone on the team to know what is coming? How can I label the cords so we don’t have to struggle to remember which one goes where? How can I cause delight somewhere down the chain?

The entire piece is of value, but that last bit is what drives it home to me. It’s thought provoking. How would you configure your life such that you weren’t hacking for yourself, so much as you were hacking life to make it easier for others around you? Perfect.

Really Little Things – [Levite Chronicles]

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