Quick Review on Franklin Covey’s Classic Planner

Quick Review on Franklin Covey’s Classic Planner

Recently I have attended a time management course in my corporation. All the content of the course are based on the FranklinCovey

      ’s FOCUS: Achieving Your Highest Priorities Workshop. One of the good things about this training is you have an extensive one full-day course on setting goals, values, and managing your tasks and time. The bonus on top of it is that everyone in the training will have a set of Frankin Covey Classic Planner Kit with all goodies inside. I love the setup of the kit.


      Franklin Covey Classic Planner - Front ViewFranklin Covey Classic Planner - OverviewFranklin Covey Classic Planner - TabsFranklin Covey Classic Planner - PocketsFranklin Covey Classic Planner - Quick Start GuideFranklin Covey Classic Planner - Daily page

        There are different components within the planner kit:

        • 12 months of Dated Pages (Original Daily)
        • 12 Monthly Calendar Tabs
        • Personal Management Tabs & Forms
        • Storage Binder with Slip Case
        • 26 Weekly Compass Cards
        • Pouch Pagefinder
        • Quick Start Guide
        • Zippered Binder
        • Blank Pages
        • A/Z Tabs
        • Information Record Pages
        • Zipper Pouch

        How does it help?
        The planner is built around Stephen Covey’s methods and books The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and First Things First. Basically it helps you focus on four steps for focusing your time on what you value the most and what you want to accomplish in life. They are:


        • Identify values
        • Set Goals
        • Plan Weekly
        • Plan Daily

        Each of the section worth to write an article by itself. In summary, the foundation on achieving your highest priority is built from Values > Goals > Plan Weekly > Plan Daily. Without values you cannot set high focus goals; Without goals you cannot plan your weeks and days effectively. Those four steps will enable you to priority your life based on the values and goals you have set. The planner faciliates you on managing your time and thoughts. Read more about Values, Mission Statement and Goals.

        One of the good things about Covey’s Planner is it has pretty detailed manual on the Quick Start Guide and Introduction to the Planner Guide for getting started on managing your time. If you are getting started on managing your life and time, this is a highly recommended tool for everyone.



            Six Step Weekly Planning Process
            The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
            First Things First: To Live, to Love, to Learn, to Leave a Legacy

            Discussion, Feedback, and Experience on Franklin Covey Planner are welcome at Lifehack.Community!


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