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Productivity tips from Bill Gates – How He Works

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Productivity tips from Bill Gates – How He Works

At Fortune, Bill Gates talks about his workflow and his organization system. On top of his marketing stuff on his products, he talks about couple of key things that involves in his daily work life. Here are some key points:

  • Paperless.
  • Email is the first communication medium
  • Uses email filtering to drop down the number of incoming emails to an acceptable level.
  • Email as the central universe of his workflow.
  • No to-do list. Uses email, folders and online calendar.
  • Uses email notification icon, but discipline of ignoring it.
  • Uses desktop search for files, other than navigating through folders.
  • Uses whiteboard to brainstorm.

Interesting in term of how he works. Any praises or bashes on Bill Gates’ work style?

How I Work: Bill Gates – [CNNMoney.com]

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