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Printable Paper Rulers

There are some ruler templates (in PDF and PS) that can be printed out with paper and can be disposable. This is really handy when you need to measure something but don’t have a ruler around. Another good use of this is to print it off to a overhead transparencies paper:

paper ruler

… “Print them on overhead transparencies and cut them with a paper cutter and you have a bunch of rulers the students can’t write on!! Plus, I prefer to measure with a transparent ruler.” [a reader]

“I did use the un-numbered rulers this week, and really like them. I copied them onto overhead transparency film, then cut them. They’re a lot more durable than paper, and very flexible, Best of all, they’re see-through, which is really helpful when kids are measuring “odd” things they need to see. The only warning; you must have a VERY sharp paper-cutter, or you’ll end up with pretty rough edges. You can easily hand-cut them, to use for general measuring, just not as a straight-edge line tool. Anyway, they sure work great in my science lab,” [a reader]

“I am a science lab teacher and needed an inexpensive way for students to measure tadpoles while still in the containers. I ran your centimeter rulers off on trasparency paper in the copier, cut apart, and viola!!!! The students love them. They say they are crisper and clearer than the see through plastic rulers that you can buy!” [a reader]…

Pretty useful!

Some printable paper rulers – []

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