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Presentation How-To's

Kathy Sierra is someone I’d love to meet. Her site, Creating Passionate Users, is endlessly readable and you should throw it into your RSS readers alongside Lifehack for ideas that should matter to you.

She recently gave a talk at OSCON, the Open Source Convention. While there, she had an opportunity to see a great presentation by Damian Conway. I’ve heard the audio from Conway’s presentations and even that was interesting. Kathy thought so, too, so she posted a lot about his style in her piece called Presentation How-To’s. Here’s the first few points she captures:

* Take a ridiculously long time to prepare.

* Use a lot of slides. Change them rapidly.

* The slides go with the words–they aren’t just there as backdrops.

* The slides are NOT the words. They represent the idea you’re talking about, either directly or emotionally.

The rest of her article, complete with links, is really useful if you’re going to present, even if that’s to one or two people.

A Few More Presentation How To’s – [Creating Passionate Users]

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