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Poor Man Hack: Nike+iPod Sport Kit Shoe Mod

Nike+iPod: Step 0

I got myself a Nike + iPod Sport Kit recently. Sometimes I buy a gadget because it is new and innovative, but this time it’s a rational purchase. I have a iPod nano and I want to exercise by running. Plus it is quite affordable.

What I don’t want is getting a new Nike+ shoes, at least not now. Frankly it is too expensive for me, plus I already have couple of running shoes. So I want to figure out a way to attach the Nike+iPod transmitter onto my old Nike running shoe.

I searched a bit on the Net and found couple ways to equip Nike+iPod sport kit without the Nike+ Shoe – however they do not impress me. It is either purchasing an extra pouch to tie onto your existing shoe, or gutting a hole in a shoe.

I figure I should create a better hack for this. Here it is, a lazy and cheap mod, but it serves me quite well.

Step 1. First, get a transparent plastic bag. You can use a CD sleeve. They are pretty strong and thick. You will also need some sticky tapes and a pair of scissors.

Step 2. Put the Nike+iPod transmitter into a corner of the plastic bag.

Nike+iPod: Step 2

Step 3. Leave around 2cm on the top and right hand side and cut the section out.

Nike+iPod: Step 3

Step 4. Next, use sticky tape to close the side and the top. Here you go, you made yourself a transmitter pouch. Half way through now.

Nike+iPod: Step 4

Step 5. Now we need to cut a hole for each corner so that the shoe laces can stitch through the pouch and secure it onto your shoe. Use the scissors to cut a hole at each of the four corners.

Nike+iPod: Step 5

Step 6. Now move on to your shoe. Untie your shoe lace.

Step 7. Use first shoe lace to stitch through the bottom set of the holes.

Step 8. Use another shoe lace to stitch through the top set of the holes.

Nike+iPod: Step 8

Completed! Now go and have some trial runs.

Nike+iPod: Step Completed

The hack took me under 5 minutes. It looks pretty nice and holds pretty well on the shoe. I had couple of runs with it and I don’t see any sign of losing it. Feel free to comment on any feedback or improvements on this Nike+iPod Sport Kit hack.

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