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Personal Finance Index Card Templates

Inspired by Hipster PDA, Frank at Hello, Dollar has done some 3×5 Index card templates for managing your finance. Those templates can able you to manage your expenses, bills and account templates, based on different fields that available for you to fill up relevant information:

Personal Finance Index Card

… Bills template: Use this card to manage payments of your monthly bills. Fill out one card for each month, and as soon as a bill comes in, write down the amount and the date due. When you pay the bill, write down the amount paid and the date you mailed it. This way, if you forget to mail one, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

Before I came up with this sytem, I had a surprisingly difficult time paying bills on time and unfortunately have some late payments reported on my credit report as of a couple years ago. Not any more! Never be late again!

Account template: Use the “account” card like a ledger to manage your bank account balances. Just note transactions as they happen, and you’ll always know how much money is in your account, and what its recent activity is.

If you find yourself taking money out of the ATM each week, and don’t know how you can go through it so quickly, this is also a good way to track your cash purchases. Just treat the cash in your wallet like it’s another account, and you’ll be able to easily see where it’s all going!…

Personal Finance Index Card Templates – [Hello, Dollar!]

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