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Performancing as a Thought Parking Lot

I’m writing this using Performancing for Firefox. When I remember to use it, I like the app a great deal. It sits down at the bottom of my browser (I use it fairly crunched up), and I can write posts to various blogs with it. But here’s something I use it for that you might not:

Thought Parking Lot

I’ve got a few things stored in here using the NOTES functionality tucked over in the upper right hand corner. For one, I just imported the Gmail commands. Because I couldn’t remember them, dammit. I kept trying and failing to remember the niggly little ones. And oh, I can delete the ones that I’ll never use. Now? It’s just a note inside of my browser, and I can reference it fairly quickly. One step smoother than going back and dragging it out of

Another way I’m using it for notes is to keep track of things going on during the day. Turns out my browser’s open and used more often than any other app on my system. So now I plunk down food notes, ideas, thoughts for things I want to do later.

What else? How else could you use Performancing as more than what it’s intended for, which is publishing posts to blogs?

Chris Brogan…

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