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Paypal or credit cards – Which is better?

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Paypal or credit cards – Which is better?

Dwayne Melancon at Genuine Curiosity and Bren at Slacker Manager share some of their insights on using PayPal and Credit Card.

While Bren praises for PayPal and its ability to use it as a virtual MasterCard, Dwayne says there are something that keeps him using a traditional credit card – Reward Points. With my thoughts, to summarize the advantages of using PayPal and credit cards:

Paypal Logo


    • Very convenient to use it in eBay and iTunes
    • Safer than giving out your credit card and its CVV number.
    • Ability to create a virtual or physical debit card. Safe. Use and dispose.
    Credit Card

      Credit Card:

      • With my moderate spending every year, I could redeem couple of gift cards in some major stores.
      • Waive yearly fee. Use your points, or even smarter, spend enough and call them up to remove your annual fee.
      • Most of the web sites accept credit card as a payment method, but PayPal is still not widely accepted.
      • Depends on the credit card vendor, they tend to have better fraud protection.

      Readers, which one do you prefer, PayPal or Credit Card? and what is your reason?

      PayPal tricks – [Slacker Manager]
      Paypal or rewarding credit cards? – [Genuine Curiosity]

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