Over 35 Graphic Templates

Over 35 Graphic Templates

Education Place has a good collections on pdf templates on graphics templates that can help you productively brainstorm and going through ideas. For instance Problem-Solution Chart is a page with two columns table with Possible Problem, and Possible Solution, which can assist the way you break down into different problems, and identify different solutions for each of them. Here are the list of the template names:

Graphic Template
    • Clock
    • Cluster/Word Web 1
    • Cluster/Word Web 2
    • Cluster/Word Web 3
    • Describing Wheel
    • E-Chart
    • Fact and Opinion
    • Five W's Chart
    • Flow Chart
    • Four-Column Chart
    • Garden Gate
    • Goal-Reasons Web
    • Ice-Cream Cone
    • Idea Rake
    • Idea Wheel
    • Inverted Triangle
    • ISP Chart (Information, Sources, Page)
    • KWL Chart
    • KWS Chart
    • Ladder
    • Observation Chart
    • Persuasion Map
    • Planning Chart
    • Problem-Solution Chart
    • Sandwich
    • Sense Chart
    • Sequence Chart
    • Spider Map
    • Step-by-Step Chart
    • Story Map 1
    • Story Map 2
    • Story Map 3
    • T-Chart
    • Ticktacktoe
    • Time Line
    • Time-Order Chart
    • Tree Chart
    • Venn Diagram

    Graphic Organizers – [Education Places]

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