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Old School Lifehack – A Whiteboard in the Kitchen

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Old School Lifehack – A Whiteboard in the Kitchen
Whiteboard Markers

    It’s definitely a old school type of lifehack. I am not sure how many people use this now – but a productivity item to have in the kitchen is a whiteboard. It’s a great media to share information with other members in the house. Here are some ideas:

    • Draw up a calendar. Use different colors to represent different members in the house and mark their schedule every week on the whiteboard. You know when will they be at home or having a dinner appointment.
    • Share coupons. Ever find it difficult to share your pizza or gas discount coupons with other house members? Buy a set of magnets and stick them on the whiteboard. Whoever needs them can take it freely.
    • Leave message for others. It is just a great physical message board to deliver message to others – Message like, “Will be running late tonight – home by 7pm”, “Pick up some fruits when you pass by a supermarket tonight” will save you some time on trying to reach the person.
    • Idea areas. Don’t have time to sit together and plan for your next getaway? Allocate an area on the whiteboard and ask everyone to chip in their ideas. Building the list of ideas everyday and those ideas will generate some actionable items.

    Do you have a whiteboard at home? How do you use it with your family?

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