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Motivating Others: Becoming a Great Leader #2

Raised Hand Motivated

In most any professional environment you will encounter those who are feeling the repercussions of long hours and impending deadlines. The pre-burnout conditions can manifest themselves in any of the following behaviors.

  • Little or no demonstrated interest in the business at hand.
  • Few outside interests or hobbies.
  • Statements of apathy.
  • Limited or no goals for professional or personal growth.
  • Complaints about required workloads.

One of the most expensive endeavors of doing business is in the area of recruitment and training of new personnel. It is almost always more financially sound to retrain and develop an existing employee than it is to find a replacement. With those thoughts in mind, here are several leadership suggestion you may apply.

  • Conduct a staff interest survey to see if they are in the most appropriate position.
  • Talk with staff, take note of and encourage their free-time activities.
  • Make certain staff members have the necessary resources to complete their tasks.
  • Provide a wide variety of tangible, social and natural reinforcers.
  • Take the time to explain to staff members while their role is relevant and integral to the success of the organization.
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in the work of staff and recognize and encourage improvement.

At the superficial level it may seem some of these factors are not work related. However, the most successful and lasting organizations are those that recognize and nurture the growth in their employees.

If you have doubt consider Cisco Corporation CEO John Chambers stays in touch with the staff. He meets with groups of new hires to welcome them soon after they start, and at monthly breakfast meetings workers are encouraged to ask him tough questions.

Turn over there is less than 4% and revenue for 2004 was 24,800 (that’s millions).

If this approach works for them, odds are it will work for you.

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