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Minimize the use of technology will increase creativity?

Keith over To-Done has suggested that we should try on the day or two to decrease the usage of technologies. He mentioned that without tech on the weekend to “recharge” yourself. He found it more energized after avoiding tech for a day or two:

… In an effort to maintain my balance I’ve taken to trying (yes, trying, I’ll admit to not being 100% successful) to spend a couple nights a week and at least a day on the weekend away from the computer, at the very least, and away from most technology all together. When I’ve been able to do it it’s been great. I’ve been noticing that the next day I’m much more creative and highly energized. As well, despite the fact that I do have a bit of catching up to do, it feels like I’m more productive overall. Could be just a coincidence, but perception is reality right? …

Is it related? Maybe it is true because staying in front of monitor or TV actually make you more tired. I am in IT industry so most of my time for the day is sitting in front of my computer. When I get back to home, I usually update myself with news as well as update this blog ;). My eyes are dry and tired sometime and it did discharge my energy.

Try it and let us know how it goes!

Have a Low-Tech (or No-Tech) Day – [ToDone]

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