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Managing Your “To Do List” with MindManager

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Managing Your “To Do List” with MindManager

Francois Lavaste at The Mindjet Blog made a Todo list system in MindManager map format. He able to use it at the individual and team level and very easy to manage it by drag and drop to different contexts like projects child nodes. What are the other advantages?

Todo List MindManager
  • the ability to drag & drop topics wherever I want makes it really simple to keep the list up-to-date
  • the “task information” panel helps me add dates, resources and priority levels
  • the “Send to > Mail Recipient (as attachment)” feature under the File menu helps me communicate it to others, including people that may not have MindManager (as the email highlights a link to download the Free MindManager Viewer)
  • the “Microsoft Outlook Linker” (under the Map Parts panel) enables me to synchronize tasks or appointments with Outlook

Managing Your “To Do List” with MindManager – [The Mindjet Blog]

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