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Managing for Creativity

Havard Business Review released a very good article on how to manage creativity minds within organization. Having creativities helps organization growing within the industry with new services and products. How to tap into creativity of workers to be efficient and more innovative? The article reviewed couple of good ways:

Help Workers Be Great. Creative people work for the love of a challenge. They crave the feeling of accomplishment that comes from cracking a riddle, be it technological, artistic, social, or logistical. They want to do good work. Though all people chafe under what they see as bureaucratic obstructionism, creative people actively hate it, viewing it not just as an impediment but as the enemy of good work. Do what you can to keep them intellectually engaged and clear petty obstacles out of their way, and they’ll shine for you…

Managing for Creativity – [Richard Florida and Jim Goodnight @ Havard Business Review]

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