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Making a Smooth Move from .Mac to Google

If you are using .Mac, Matthew Russell at MacDevCenter shows you how to transit from .Mac to Google seamlessly and save $100 per year for you.

The article contains ways to move your existing mails and address book to Gmail, getting your iCal information into Google Calendar, using GDisk for Gmail for your online storage needs, and use Google Groups and Blogger for your discussion and blogging needs:

Apple’s .Mac product is a topic of much contention these days. For roughly $100 per year, some members feel like they’re getting a good deal while others periodically wonder why they’re paying money for stuff that they can get gratis via Google. Chuck Toporek’s The .Mac Tax blog post is a bit dated, but still provides a relevant summary of the highlights from various points of view. Two issues near and dear to my own heart are .Mac’s unwillingness to provide server-side spam filtering and the ability to edit calendars on the Web.

This article doesn’t even attempt to try and make the hard decision of whether or not you should allow your .Mac account to expire. Actually, this article assumes you’ve already made that choice and presents a practical approach you can follow to get yourself on track for a smooth move to a Google-centric web experience. Getting your mail, address book, calendar, online storage, online photos, and blog squared away are among the topics we’ll investigate.

Making a Smooth Move from .Mac to Google – [MacDevCenter]

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