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Lifehack T-Shirt is here!

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Lifehack T-Shirt is here!

It has finally arrived!

Wear it! Be proud! Say it with pride – “Lifehack.org makes me run faster”!

Lifehack.org T-Shirt

    How do people know you are improving yourself through lifehacks and self-developing tips and tricks? On the basic level, it probably shows from your ways on handling projects, tasks and your life. On the visual level, the best way would be buying and wearing this t-shirt!

    Let me know what do you think on this design – Buy it to support Lifehack.org, and better yet, take a photo and send it to me so that I know who is running faster in their life since reading this site!

    Got a design that suits better for lifehack.org? Talk to me on the idea, or send it over!

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