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Lifehack Digest for November 30

  • Writing Tips for Non-Writers Who Don’t Want to Work at Writing
    John Scalzi gives 10 pointers to people who do’t want to be “writers”, per se, but want to improve their general writing skills.
    Tags: writing grammar communcation punctuation advice
  • Memory Zero: Go Bags
    LifeClever gives some useful information on putting together “go bags” for each of your tasks, so you never have to remember what you need to HAVE and can focus on what you need to DO.
    Tags: productivity organization memory gtd
  • Google Maps Mobile Adds GPS-Like “My Location”
    Lifehacker points out the new “my location” feature in Google maps, which uses your phone’s GPS or, if you don[t have GPS, triangulation with cell towers, to find your location.
    Tags: google tools maps mobile
  • How to Cure PackRat-itis
    Advice from ThinkSimpleNow on how to free yourself from the accumulation of new stuff and help organize the stuff you already have.
    Tags: organization tips home productivity
  • Creating impressive class presentations | GearFire – Tips for Students
    Rebecca at Gearfire offers some solid tips (and links to more) about putting together presentations. ALthough directed towards students, most of the informatin applies to anyone who as to make presentations using PowerPoint.
    Tags: powerpoint presentation student communication
  • Free Google Services
    HEy, It’s Free! lists all of Googles services, from the obscure to the ubiquitous.
    Tags: google webapps services tools

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