Lifehack Digest for November 18

Lifehack Digest for November 18
  • 5 ways to screw up your talk
    Dr. Mike Kaspari of Getting Things Done in Academia offers this humorous take on giving presentations — specifically, the things we do to screw them up, like going on and on and on and on… Applies not only to academic presentations, but to ANY kind.
    Tags: presentation communication
  • 17 Tips to Be Productive with Instant Messaging
    Leo Baubuta at Web Worker Daily says the best way to be productive with Im is not to use IM. He has a point. But if you find you must use it, he offers 17 pieces of advice to make the most of chatting online.
    Tags: communication email productivity tips im
  • Attention Management: 7 Tips to Use Your Attention Wisely
    Donald Latumahina at Life Optimizer suggests treating your attention like a resource and offers a set of tips on how to maximize, manage, and invest it wisely.
    Tags: focus attention productivity
  • How does everything get tied up in knots?!
    How are people a lot like string? What does knot science have to tell us about our lives’ complications? Space Daisy has the answers!
    Tags: knots complication life
  • The Three Key Rules For Any Organizing System
    OrganizeIT says that every system will succeed or fail based on how easy it is to input information, retrieve and use information, an delete it when it’s no longer needed.
    Tags: organization productivity system
  • Tuesday’s Tip: Effective Backups
    A basic plan for making and keeping computer backups from Productivity501. Focuses on general principles rather than recommending specific tools.
    Tags: storage Backup tips productivity
  • How to Learn From Mistakes
    It’s no empty truism to say we learn most from the mistakes we make, but sometimes it’s hard to see how. Tejvan Pettinger at PickTheBrain guides you through the process of making the most of mistakes.
    Tags: mistakes self-improvement advice

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Published on January 27, 2020

The Lifehack Show: How Exercise Slows Aging with Judy Foreman

The Lifehack Show: How Exercise Slows Aging with Judy Foreman

In this episode of the Lifehack Show, we'll be talking with Judy Foreman about the major impact exercise has on aging, both physically and mentally.

Judy is a nationally syndicated health columnist who has won more than 50 journalism awards. She received a Master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and was a Fellow in Medical Ethics at Harvard Medical School. Judy is also author of A Nation in Pain: Healing our Biggest Health Problem and The Global Pain Crisis: What Everyone Needs to Know.

Her newest book Exercise is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging debunks some common myths about aging and shows that it is possible to reverse the effects we often think of as inevitable.

    Featured photo credit: Anupam Mahapatra via

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