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Lifehack Digest for December 21

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Lifehack Digest for December 21
  • Use any USB stick to ReadyBoost your computer
    Windows Vista Magazine tells you how to hack Vista’s registry to detect a non-compliant USB drive to use for ReadyBoost. Seems like using a drive that’s too slow wouldn’t help, but this might be useful when Vista misdetects your “Vista-ready” drives.
    Tags: hack vista readyboost windows memory computer
  • Remember The Milk
    Remember The Milk’s new Firefox extension integrates RTM’s todo list management with Gmail and Google Calendar, allowing you to view your list in Gmail’s page, transform emails to tasks, add tasks to your calendar, and more.
    Tags: calendar firefox gmail gtd todo
  • 6 Ways to Get Social with Outlook
    MakeUseOf reviews 6 recent plugins for Outlook that bring social networking to the software many of us use to manage our communication, contacts, and calendars. The LinkedIn toolbar looks especially interesting for pros, and Xobni looks promising too.
    Tags: outlook email software tools networking
  • Six Ways to Start Off Secure in ‘08
    If you use your laptop publicly -on public networks — whether in a hotel, in a coffee shop , at the library, or elsewhere — Web Worker Daily tells you the 6 basic things you need to do to keep your files, your PC, and indeed your identity safe.
    Tags: security backup tools vpn wifi
  • 3 Scrappy Project Management Techniques to Master (Plus 2 Tips)
    Web Worker Daily’s quick-and-dirty guide to managing a project: have clearly defined goals to keep you focused, communicate status and problems relentlessly, and keep your priorities straight.
    Tags: management productivity projects communication
  • 5 Hard Questions You Should Answer Before Starting a New Project
    Skelliewag gives us the rundown on what we should be asking ourselves before undertaking yet another big project: what are my goals, what do I have to do to accomplish them, and am I prepared both mentally and time-wise for this?
    Tags: planning productivity projects

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