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Keeping a Progress Log

Written by Stanley H
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Phil Newton over Sodaware talks about his progress log system which tracks his progress throughout the week. He makes both side of a single page each week and keep track on:

  • Weekly goals
  • My points monitor
  • My “b-Alert” tracker
  • What went right
  • What went wrong

This is a good system for him because it can motivate him and make him stay on track on doing some important tasks throughout the week, and also giving him opportunities to review the progress of last week:

Progress Log

    … Each page starts with the date, and then the top three goals I wish to achieve for the week. I put checkboxes in front of each goal so I can tick them off when they’re complete. The original system had me setting three goals for each day, but I felt this crowded the page a little too much and also distracted me if I had goals from the previous day that I hadn’t completed.

    Underneath this is my points tracker, and then underneath that is my “b-Alert” tracker. I took the b-Alert system from “The Power of Focus”, a book I intend to review on the site one day. I also use the goal setting tips from the same book to make sure I’m covering the important aspects of my life. This will be covered in more detail in part two…

    Keeping a progress log – Part 1 – [Sodaware]
    Keeping a progress log – Part 2 – [Sodaware]

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