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Incorporate Google Calendar Into Outlook

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Incorporate Google Calendar Into Outlook
Remote Calendars

    Grinn introduces an application called Remote Calendars which able Outlook 2003/2007 to subscribe, reload and delete a generic remote iCalendar (RFC 2445). With this Outlook Add-in, you can integrate Google Calendar Into Outlook.

    As the installation and configuration is not self-explainary. Grinn also offers a how-to to work through the setup:

    Google recently released a new service that’s an online calendar for scheduling your day and planning and organizing events with your friends, enemies, co-workers, co-worker friends, enemies from work, and all other variation of enemy, friend, and co-worker. Anyone who uses the calendar in Microsoft Outlook will find the layout to be quite familiar, and everyone can appreciate Google Calendar’s simplistic and eye-friendly design. Very Web 2.0.

    The best thing about Google Calendar is that it’s online. We here at Grinn Productions do a lot of web-based applications and have developed plenty of them for our clients. However, they do have their limitations. A major one is that of hardware support. We are impressed with how Google has given this application a very “it’s not a web page, it’s a program” sort of feel, but not even Google can integrate a web-page to your Bluetooth phone (although I can think of a few ways they could, but that’s another article.)

    So we have a dilemma. We have this wonderful, beautifully crafted web-based calendar program and no way to sync it with our cell phone. Thankfully, there’s a project over at SourceForge called Remote Calendars which allows us to download our Google Calendars to Outlook 2003 at the click of a button. The installation is a bit tricky, so I’ll walk you through it and show you a few tricks along the way….

    Incorporate Google Calendar Into Outlook – [Grinn Production Blog]

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