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Improve your memory

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Improve your memory

There is a classic site called Memory Master which has a series of tutorials on improving your memory. It has different methods for remembering words, names, faces, numbers, speeches and even help you on playing cards. There is also a section on Reading, Studying, and Learning which should be very useful for some of us:

  • Introduction to Memory Master
  • Association of Ideas
  • The Link System
  • Substitute Words and Phrases
  • How to Remember Names and Faces
  • How to Remember Foreign Vocabulary
  • How to Remember Numbers
  • The Peg System
  • How to Overcome Absentmindedness
  • Remembering Speeches and Presentations
  • Remembering Jokes and Stories
  • Reading, Studying, and Learning
  • Remembering Playing Cards
  • Impressive Memory Stunts

Memory Master – [Tom Smid]

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