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Impress Venture Capitalists

You’re starting your own company, right? Isn’t everyone? Startups are the new “bands.” If you are, Matt Inglot has some points you might want to consider. He writes about the Top 5 Points a Venture Capitalist Wants to Hear on his site.

There was a whole lot to be learned here, but the biggest take-away from the whole thing was a list of the top five things venture capitalists look for in a desirable investment. As an entrepreneur you should be hitting every point in your planning even if you don’t intend to seek venture capital, as these are key criteria for an idea that has strong chances of success. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Exit Strategy
  • Entry Barriers
  • What is Product/Service Similar To
  • Existing Revenue
  • How Much Money Do You Need for What

The information might prove helpful if you find yourself needing some money for your amazing new social-networking, tag-generating, RSS-powered, GTD site.

Top 5 Points a Venture Capitalist Wants to Hear — [Matt Inglot]

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