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Idea killers: ways to stop ideas

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Idea killers: ways to stop ideas

Scott Berkun and his readers try to list out some idea killers, which are negative responses or statements without any thinking or analysis attach to it. Numbers of them are quite familiar to me:

  • Not in our budget
  • (Laughter)
  • That isn’t what people want
  • We’re already doing something else.
  • Do it in your spare time, if it is successful we maybe use it

Idea killers do not give much rooms for further brainstorming from the suggested idea. So how to express your opinion but still let the idea flows? Do not shot it down immediately. Before comment on the ideas, write ideas onto a whiteboard or piece of paper first. When the idea flow stopped, comment objectively with explanation.

Idea killers: ways to stop ideas – [Berkun Blog]

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