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How-to: Wall mounting a LCD or Plasma

The greatest advantage of LCD and Plasma TV is that it is thin in size, and they are just perfect to mount it on the wall to save spaces. Normally it should be mounted by a professional installer, but if you are bold enough, Home Theater Blog has a quick how-to on it:

LCD Wall Mount

Over the weekend I helped a friend wall mount a Panasonic LCD and thought to myself, hey why not take a few pictures and post an illustrated how-to guide on this. I think it turned out quite nicely here are some before and after shots.

Before you tackle wall mounting a LCD or plasma, you need to ask yourself one question. Is this something best left to a professional installer? If you’re not sure then the answer is yes. I’m not implying that self installation is for everyone.

If you doubt your abilities then by all means it’s worth hiring a professional. However if your reasonably competent with minor home improvement tasks and follow my instructions carefully, this shouldn’t offer you much trouble at all…

How-to: Wall mounting a LCD or Plasma – [Home Theater Blog]

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