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How to train to get up earlier in the morning

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How to train to get up earlier in the morning

Especially in winter, I found it hard to wake up early. Matthew Stibbe has feel the same but he has 10 tips on how to train yourself to wake up earlier. Is it that easy? Well it works for him, so you may as well try it, if you are trying hard to wake up earlier at the morning:

  • Decided what time I wanted to get up
  • Set myself a goal
  • Promised myself a reward
  • Tracked my progress using Joe’s Goals
  • Get clothes, computer and breakfast ready the night before
  • Alarms
  • Naps
  • Earlier nights
  • Boast widely about your new early-birdiness
  • Always leave them wanting more

How I trained myself to get up earlier in the morning – [Bad Language]

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